January Mintd Box – Recharge

Discovering something new is never guaranteed in a subscription box. Sometimes it contains a brand/product you’ve already experienced, not interested in or it could be the complete opposite. You get a chance to experience something truly special that you otherwise…

Boxwalla December Edition

Is it just me or are subscription boxes getting better and better? Gone are the days of random boxes being filled with tiny samples, un-coordinating products and lack of any rhyme or reason whatsoever. Last month I was introduced to…

New Year, New Hair

A cut that has me coming back for more.

2017 Brand of the Year

Immerse yourselves in my pick for Brand of year

December Mintd

Prepare to be enchanted

Votary Clarifying Range

A new range of oils meant for skin in need of decongesting and calming.

Harry Josh Pro Tools Dryer

A blow dryer that leaves hair silky smooth in less than 15 min.

Revisit True Moringa

A luxurious balm and oil that will envelope you in comfort and leave your skin feeling supple and soft. 


A look at my 3 favorite Retinol formulas

My Love Story with de Mamiel

It’s very rare for me to find a skincare brand where I love every single product…and most importantly, keep coming back after I’ve finished a bottle. In comes De Mamiel, a brand very dear to my heart and for good…

Brightening with African Botanics

Quite possibly the best Vitamin C serum I have EVER tried